terça-feira, 27 de abril de 2010

Ouuuutra entrevista:

Miley, you had really come for the premiere to Europe should, however, the volcanic ash cloud came between. Was it nice to have even a bit of rest?
Cyrus: My mother laughed and said: "The only thing that can stop you from working, is a volcano. You're a workaholic." I was quite happy to have a couple of days. On the other hand, I recently had only a movie premiere with the film "Hannah Montana" for which we have traveled to Spain, Italy and Germany. It was crazy to see all the great fans. I wanted Liam also experienced the times, so we were disappointed.

Do you believe in love at first sight, or rather to the second as Ronnie in the movie?
Cyrus: I believe in both. Love at first sight, but has not yet happened to me. I need to know a person first. Just as Ronnie.

When did you know that Liam is the right thing?
Cyrus: The funny thing is that everything is going the other way around, if you make a film. Before you know is right, we cuddled on the beach already and before you would say in real life "I love you" has to do it on the canvas. That was a bit strange. One wants to say it in real life actually, but then again not. That's interesting. I think it put a bit of truth in all that we have done.

You will this year 18 years old. Are you looking forward to it?
Cyrus: Yeah, I'm very pleased. I've bought my own house and I am very excited to collect there. I am already very independent because I have to travel so much. With four siblings can my mother or my father with me not always. But I think people will take me seriously then. I have already done a lot, maybe more than some adults in my position. And I do not feel that people take it seriously - just because I'm so young. I hope this will change then.

And at 18 you can also spend your money how you want it.Cyrus: I can do it even now.

With what feelings do you think at the end of "Hannah Montana"?
Cyrus: It's a bit sad because it is a huge chapter in my life so much. It will be interesting to have this safety after five to six years behind. One is accustomed to getting up at eight clock, you see the same people on set is, at six clock back home. There is this routine. It is interesting that no longer have. But I'm looking forward to new things.
What about the music? Is it true that you only want to make films?
Cyrus: In the summer of my new record comes out. Then I make a break with the music to get me to focus on turning. And I would like to write for other artists. I love to write songs. I would like to give others the opportunity to make music.

What are filming now?
Cyrus: After "Hannah Montana" I will make a film with Demi Moore. It is a remake of French film "LOL - Laughing Out Loud" - a mother-daughter story.

Is it easier for you, having a friend who is also in the spotlight? Cyrus: The relationship with Liam is the best I ever had. He is a great actor, he is not the Teen Sensations type, but he takes his work very seriously. I love being with him. I see him practicing and scripts to read and then ask whether we go through it together. I think it is easier when you have someone who shares with you the love for your work. It also understands the schedule of the other better.

Do you sometimes get the desire to live a normal life and study, as Ronnie has intended in the film?
Cyrus: No, I love to work. Maybe one day my grandma was 65 when she went back to college. From her I learned that it is never too late.

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