quarta-feira, 28 de abril de 2010

Miley e Liam:

'I think it makes it easier. I've been in relationships before where people don't want people to know because it's bad for their career (but) I'd rather not sneak around, it's so much more drama than is necessary. It's like, 'Yes, we're together. Let us live our lives'. It's easier because you're not trying to sneak around, otherwise it's news everytime you're seen together.'
Miley did admit their relationship was still in the early stages when they had to shoot some of the film's romantic scenes: 'You've go to be super-pro. No one really knew we were together at the time so we just kept it professional.'

On LOL: 'The next film I'm doing is a French film called LOL.. It's Demi Moore and I, it's really edgy.. But I'll also do a fun film afterwards for all my fans, but if a cool film comes up that may seem a little old for my normal fans then I'm not going to pass it up.' Will Miley be stripping off her clothes for nude scenes? 'It depends what the film is. If it's something that's classy, it just depends on the circumstances.'

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