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Miley Sex and The City 2

Nova Miley

Gente, foi isso que saiu no Oceanup :

Sexy Miley Cyrus is not even old enough to vote, but she wants breast implants, reports In Touch. Miley's friend told In Touch that she is hoping to go under the knife for augmentation before her 18th birthday in November, she has already visited a prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for consultation.
'Miley wants curves. She’s mature for her age and doesn’t want to wait a few months until she can have the surgery without her parents’ permission.' A source told Gossip Cop: 'It’s absurd. Miley has never even considered it. She’s always been very comfortable in her own skin.'

 Parece que a nossa nova Miley esta querendo seios maiores,  antes de completar 18 anos ! 


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Miley fala negativamente sobre Twilight de novo

"I'd rather keep the dead and revolting things like vampires and werewolves out of my life."

Apesar de eu ser uma enooorme fan da miley, eu nao concordo com ela de jeito nenhum. Eles nao sao de verdade ( vampiros e lobisomens ) e nao é como se eles estivesses invadindo a vida dela sabe!! é só ela nao ver os filmes po!

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Versao de LOL em francês


'The next film I'm doing is not for the [Hannah Montana] audience. But that is why I did the last season, for my young fans.
I want the fans that have grown up with me from 16-26 who will respond to older material. I have to choose scripts that are right for someone who is 18 because that is me.' On filming edgy 'LOL' with Demi Moore: 'It's very different going from a show with a huge audience and fan base to something..
..independent. But I'm excited to work on a film that is going to touch people. It's edgy and different and I don't know how the fans will react, but it's something I can relate to.' On moving into her million dollar mansion: 'I'm probably going to move into my place after LOL. But I have to get some work done first.'

Ela diz aí que quer atingir o público mais velho, que cresceu junto com ela!

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Miley postou no seu blog Get ur Good on

Recentemente eu ajudei a fazer embalagem das refeições com a ”Blessings In A Backpack”, uma organização que fornece comida no fim de semana para crianças em programas de almoço livre ou reduzido. Sabia que mais de 62% das crianças das escolas públicas do E.U.A são desses programas? Eu adotei o distrito escolar de Hazard, Kentucky, e apoiei financeiramente o programa de alimentação lá. Meu pai e eu fizemos recentemente o check-in de como é estar trabalhando lá e eu estava muito, muito feliz com o que vi naquele dia. As crianças, bem como a organização são realmente incríveis! Assista meu vídeo mais recente sobre a minha experiência com ”Blessings in a Backpack”: Também quero ver mais de seus vídeos de como você ajuda os outros!
Miley xoxoxo

Gente, ela realmente é demais

Mile vintage pictures


Eles disseram que adorariam namorar alguém como a Miley!!
'We're not desperate as we've got so many fans. But if we got a girlfriend she'd need to be a popstar like Miley Cyrus. But if we're touring the world we need someone like Miley to understand our lives`

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Hannah Montana Intro

Miley Vampire

Entrevista de Miley com J-14

J-14: Did you expect so much success from Hannah?
I think I knew it would be a success because the writers are so incredible and the script was amazing. But I don't think I expected it to be like the phenomenon that it is. I don't think I expected it to open so many doors for other artists on Disney to be able to involve music and acting and all that. I'm really proud to be a part of a really cool family. I'm excited to move on to new things. But I definitely didn't expect it to take off the way that it did, especially so soon. I can't believe it's already coming to an end, either. It feels like we just started.
J-14: How do you think you've changed since the first day you were on set?
I think I've definitely changed a lot. When I came to the set, I had my mom. She was my assistant, makeup artist, hair stylist, and wardrobe person all at the same time. My mom had me in this t-shirt that she had got for me that says "I should have my own TV show." I had it on with my skirt and full face make up. I was just sitting there like, "Oh my God, I'm on a Disney set. My life is like about to change." Sure enough, it did. I just remember coming to work with full face makeup, and now we're all in our pajamas when we come to work. I'm definitely a lot more comfortable with myself and I don't need to feel like I need to get dressed up every day. This is just like a home to us.
J-14: Are you excited or sad for the show to end?
I'm really looking forward to it. It's exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Right after this I go into an independent film called LOL with Demi Moore. With Hannah, I've been so attached for so long. It is so commercial and so franchised and done for such a big market. I'm going off that type of show into a film that is an indie movie. There isn't a huge distributor behind it. I'll be making a film that we think is going to touch people. It's got a lot of edginess to it and it's definitely not just for the fan base of Hannah Montana. So that's both exciting and nerve-wracking. You never know how people are going react to that. But you've just got to choose things that you really like and that are right for you at the time.
J-14: How will you celebrate the final episode?
I'm really excited for the wrap party. I think we're all just going to go watch some of the gag reels, which is my favorite part of the wrap party. I love seeing the things that are flubs or whatever we said in between takes when we didn't know cameras were rolling. That's my favorite part. I always ask for a DVD of those because it is so funny. Emily and I will just be chit chatting and they'll be like, "We called action already." We're like, "What were we even talking about? " Our heads were not even in the game at all. So I think that's my favorite part.
J-14: Would you like to have a secret identity like in the TV show?
I think it would be nice maybe for a day. But after seeing this show, it's caused so much drama so many times in her life -- whether she had to lie to someone that she loves or whatever it is. I think it's definitely done some harm and it's done some good. But I just think it's more drama than it's worth. I think I'd rather just stick with one person. It's been hard sometimes promoting my record and the Hannah record, and doing a little bit of both. So I think I'm just going to keep it to one person for awhile.


'People that are my true friends will say I'm very loyal. I cannot handle it when someone says something about somebody else! It's a waste of time and energy.' - Miley

Miley e Liam saindo da premiere de Hannah Montana Forever

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In Georgia