quinta-feira, 8 de julho de 2010

Entrevista com Kelis, ela defende Miley

“Somebody had said something to me about it, like, “Have you seen her new video?”Yeah, I actually think it’s great”. [they were like] “Yeah, but you know, that’s not who she is,” and I’m like, “Get over yourself!”. At the end of the day, her life is — and I don’t generally talk about other artists… — but people need to get off her back. and I was like,.. "
“It’s like, you live your life — especially as an artist — if you’re any good, your feelings are on your sleeve. That’s what I really appreciate about artists verses a popstar. A popstar, they always have to be good. I don’t want that responsibility. I’m not always good, sometimes I suck, but that’s OK because I’m human. I’m an artist, I’m expressing what I’m actually going through in my life. If I’m pissed off, if I’m happy, if I’m pregnant and emotional; whatever it is I’m dealing with, ‘screw you‘, because this is my life.
“My art and what I do is how I express what I’m dealing with right now. It doesn’t always have to be a number one hit – who gives a crap? That’s what it is, and I think for her [Miley], in particular, she’s a teenager, her whole life has been on blast because of what she does and she happens to be good at it. I think it’s kind of retarded when people are like, “Oh she’s trying to be this and she’s…”, who gives a crap! This is what you do, who wasn’t like that at eighteen, nineteen? Cut her some slack. People forget that just because you are in the public eye they think you’re supposed to temper yourself…
“I saw the video [Can't Be Tamed] and I was like “wow”. I knew exactly what she was going through as I watched it. I thought it was a beautiful video, she looks great, I get exactly what she’s saying, she couldn’t have put it more clear; She’s in a cage. I get it, it’s great, I think it’s brilliant, good for her. I’m glad she did that. It’s her right.”


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