quinta-feira, 8 de julho de 2010

Liam e Miley

Liam Hemsworth thinks 'false bad girl' Miley Cyrus might be about to do a Britney Spears! He doesn't think his girlfriend should be persuing the sex-kitten image so early on in her career. A source told HEAT: 'Liam tried to convince her that her fans were originally drawn to her wholesomge image, now she's going more into the Britney Spears category. He's afraid she's going to end up like Britney.'

Tem uma revista que falou as " fases" da Miley : 

1-Smiley Miley
2-Wiley Miley
3-Styley Miley
4-Kylie Miley 

Ta bom, pessoa idiota que fez isso né?  fala sério!

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