sábado, 13 de março de 2010

Trace and Miley

Trace dishes about the secret friend his lil'sis Miley had growing up!

Did Miley have and imaginary friend?

Miley and big bro Trace have always  been close - but they're even tighter now that they're in tour togheter.When I talk to Trace on the road , he got super excited to spill about his sister's embarrassing chilhood friend - a fake one! "Miley had some imaginary guy friend , " he told me with a chuckle . " I wish I could think of his name - I remember it being really funny!I'm going to ask her and tell you guys so you can tell the whole world. " I'm holding you to that promise , Trace!totally can wait to fin out!!

Essa reportagem também é da J-14

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